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Industrial Fume Extraction System using an innovative Sliding Hose Reel Solution for forward thinking car dealership.

Bell's Crossgar Motors are an award-winning Car Dealership specialising in Dacia, Peugeot and Renault brands based in Co. Down, Northern Ireland. The company operate from a large premises and forecourt, providing vehicle service, accident repairs and maintenance to their growing customer base.

Under the management of director Charles Bell, they have pioneered innovative customer-focused solutions for the sourcing and purchasing of new and pre-owned vehicles and have become renowned for their level of service and attention to detail.

Extraction of Vehicle Exhaust Fumes

As part of their development and expansion plans, the company contacted Beam about the possibility of providing a new system for the extraction of vehicle exhaust fumes within their busy garage workshop. As dust and fume extraction experts, Beam were happy to help.

Following analysis of the building, it was concluded that due to the layout of the garage, standard wall-mounted hose reels were not an option. With careful thought and design, Beam engineers overcame this obstacle and were able to offer an innovative solution to meet the client's requirements.


Fume Extraction Solution

Beam provided a unique fume extraction solution of a central overhead rail to which 3 sliding hose reels were fitted.

During installation, the extract system was integrated into the garage with no disruption to the existing garage equipment. Since installation of the system, the benefits have been clear.

  • The system is highly versatile, providing exhaust extraction across the entire floor space
  • The reels can be moved along the rail system to position the hose where it is needed
  • The hoses retract out of the way when not required
  • The system can provide exhaust fume extraction for multiple vehicles simultaneously

This industrial clean air solution is the first of its kind and has proved to be the only viable fume extract solution for the client. It has contributed to a very clean, modern, efficient and technically advanced vehicle workshop with benefits for both the business and staff. The installation of the system resulted in a high degree of efficiency and convenience for both the company and employees as well as a healthier working environment.

When we needed to upgrade our vehicle exhaust system, we contacted Beam Vacuum Systems. They provided a survey and suggested several options explaining the merits of each in an unbiased professional manner and gave us the confidence to proceed with their unique sliding rail system. Their installation team arrived on time and carried out a first class installation with no disruption to our productivity. The finished system is very impressive and is completely integrated into our garage and has been a very worthwhile investment for Bell's Crossgar Motors. I am pleased to have selected Beam and I feel we now have the best system possible thanks to their expert advice”

Charles Bell
Director, Bells of Crossgar

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