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Weld Fume Extraction System at Manufacturing Plant

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Extraction of harmful weld fumes at source.

Keystone Lintels Ltd are a leading manufacturer of steel lintels and have been in operation since 1989. They are the leader in their industry and operate out of their factory in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone. A huge part of their everyday production process is welding - working closely together with BEAM, advice and guidance was offered to help with weld fume extraction.

Weld Bay Fume Extraction Requirements

In everyday production the welding of a variety of materials including mild steel takes place within the factory. Due to this, coupled with little to no extraction in place there were harmful pollutants and fumes being created causing an unhealthy working environment.

During initial discussions it was evident that a factory wide LEV system was a requirement for the extraction of the harmful weld fumes at source. The fume extraction arms needed to be installed at each individual weld bay.

As a company of continuous innovation and expansion, Keystone could afford no downtime of production lines throughout the installation phase of any LEV system that was agreed on. A lightweight, easy to use system which adhered and met all required health and safety regulations was vital.


BEAM were able to offer guidance, advice and expertise providing a factory wide weld bay fume extraction system with individual extraction arms at each welding bay as required. Assisted by the client, Beam designed an LEV system that not only met but exceeded expectations. The arms used are anti-gravity, allowing them to be easily moved throughout the production process. The arms are double jointed in the third joint to allow for use both vertically and horizontally. They are supplied in sizes from 3m to 5m in length and reach is extended in required areas by using a 1m or 2m extension boom.

The HSE have recently stated that, “All businesses undertaking welding activities should ensure effective engineering controls are provided and correctly used to control fume arising from those welding activities.”

As part of the design phase BEAM ensured each extraction arm was installed strategically at each bay to accommodate the production process of the staff. The arm is ducted from there to overhead fans, removing and extracting the unwanted weld fumes to outside. This is an energy efficient, low noise system which is designed to meet and exceed health and safety laws such as COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health).


The weld fume extraction LEV system installed at Keystone was designed to meet not only the clients requirements, but also to adhere to ‘best practice’ health and safety regulations. As a result of the installation of the BEAM fume extraction system, there has been a significant decrease in harmful weld fumes and pollutants within the factory, improving air quality and leading to a healthier and safer work environment for all staff.

There are a number of key benefits which have been delivered as a result of the weld fume LEV system:

  • Meets and adheres to COSHH requirements for LEV legislation
  • Healthier and more pleasant work environment for staff
  • A high powered, successful extraction system which maintains performance throughout the day
  • Extraction arms are lightweight and manoeuvred with minimal effort for ease of use and do not restrict staff throughout production process
  • Low maintenance system
  • Full LEV testing was carried out at installation phase providing full certification and sign off, providing Keystone with a fully compliant LEV system.

From first contact Beam have worked closely with Keystone to outline requirements, needs and wants. With careful consideration a factory wide, purpose made system was installed to meet and exceed all expectations, health and safety requirements and production demands.

Phil Gray from Keystone Lintels commented:

From the first phone enquiry to installation, Beam have shown great professionalism and customer care service. Beam have provided Keystone Lintels with extraction systems that have been beneficial within the factory. These systems are lightweight and easily moved around any welding bay, providing excellent extraction for all welding fumes. Beam offer an excellent service and will meet every factory’s needs. Excellent.”

Project Images:

Weld fume extract in use Keystone Lintels Factory Floor Extraction head arm extension Extraction arm Extension arm

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