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Innovative Engineering partners to OEM's. A specialist, bespoke weld fume LEV system for robotic welding machines.


PQE Technology Ltd was founded by Paul Quinn and is a leading supplier of specialist machined components and assemblies to a diverse range of manufacturing industries including material handling, quarrying, agri-business and renewable energy among others.

They have marked their milestone 20 years in business with the development of a major expansion and construction of a new purpose-built facility.


Beam assisted with the design and installation of bespoke welding fume LEV extract systems which were incorporated into a number of robotic welding machines developed by PQE to further improve quality and productivity.

The LEV solutions provide targeted fume extraction from automated welding processes within the fabrication workshop to ensure the company meet requirements for a safe and healthy working environment for staff.

BEAM provided design advice for the equipment and developed cost-effective extract solutions which could be practically integrated with the production facility.


A detailed written specification to the client was provided by BEAM to ensure the system design would be fit for purpose and was used post-installation to validate the system performance. The validation is an essential element for the client to demonstrate compliance with the Government Regulations: HAS, Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Guidance 2014.

Engineering Manager, Darren Elvin commented:

We are very happy with the service provided by Beam. We find them to be knowledgeable about our industry, and they have devised weld fume solutions for our bespoke equipment to ensure we are compliant with the requirements of the HAS Authority. We like their approach which set out the various options for our applications, and the fact that they have provided the validation of the systems performance which is a requirement of maintaining our ISO 9001 Quality Certification.”

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