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Installation of a weld fume extraction system for BLK BOX, a gym equipment manufacturing company. 

Previously located in the iconic Titanic Quarter, BLK BOX recently moved to a new 140,000 square foot premises in Newtownabbey. From this hub, the company designs, engineers, fabricates, and distributes their specialist gym equipment.

From a modest start as a garage set up to now doing business on a global scale, the company has an ever-growing team of engineers and salespeople with a focus on supplying high quality, professional products.


Requirement: Extraction of Welding Fumes

As part of their expansion, the company contacted Beam to discuss options for the replacement of their existing welding fume extraction arms. The current system was not suitable and needed to be upgraded to remove harmful pollutants and fumes created from the work process of steel welding.

BLK Box equipment

Andrew Boyd from BLK BOX commented:

We required extraction for our new welding area. BEAM stepped up to the mark and provided us with a bespoke LEV, utilizing existing ductwork to create a fully functioning and compliant extraction system. They provided us with training and guidance throughout.”

Weld Fume Extraction Solution

To avoid downtime for the staff, a phased installation was carefully followed. Beam engineers installed 3 metre arms in 8 bays to allow for individual weld fume extraction for each welder. Each arm was ducted from strategically placed work positions to the overhead fan which removes the harmful pollutants in the working environment.

Staff training and demonstrations were carried out during the handover and commissioning phase of the project to ensure the system is being used correctly and efficiently.


Benefits for the Business and Staff

The new system provides a healthier & cleaner work environment and meets COSHH requirements for Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV). Addition benefits include:

  • Lightweight anti-gravity arms allow for ease of use with minimal effort.
  • Easily maintained, low maintenance system
  • ​Can be manoeuvred both vertically and horizontally causing no limitations to staff during production.
  • Full LEV test, training and demonstration carried out in final installation phase including a thorough and detailed LEV report and certificate

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