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Welding Fume LEV Extract System for Mechanical Services Provider

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Alternative Heat are an award-winning leading provider of mechanical services to a range of sectors including technology, healthcare, education, recycling and multi-storey housing. They have developed off-site prefabrication of complex mechanical service plant rooms and elements to deliver cost and time saving benefits to their clients. Resulting from continued growth of their manufacturing base, Beam were selected to design and install a new central welding fume LEV extract system at their new Scarva site.

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Welding Fume Extraction Requirements

The client had previous experience of using portable welding fume extraction units, however they decided the new site should be equipped with a dedicated built-in central welding fume LEV extract system to accommodate 10 new work bays with the following brief;

  • LEV extract arms to be integrated into the new bays
  • ​To have sufficient reach to cover 6m floor area
  • Ease of positioning and functionality of the extract arms would be a priority
  • Extract arms to be compatible with an overhead crane
  • The design was to incorporate energy-saving controls
Alternative Heat LEV unit Installed Alternative Heat LEV Alternative Heat LEV system

​Beam provided 7m double-articulated LEV extract arms with the following benefits:

  • Double steel boom folds flat against the wall to facilitate crane access
  • ​Self-supporting final extract arm can swivel freely through 360 degrees
  • The combined articulation of the arm can cover 100% of the work bay area
  • The positioning of the extract hood is steerable from the built-in handle

Demand Controlled Energy-Efficiency

The extract system is sized to accommodate all points in use simultaneously. However, it is often the case that not all staff will be welding at the same time. Beam’s solution is to fit variable speed drives to the fans which automatically adjust the fan speed and power consumption to match the number of LEV arms in use. This is controlled with a simple ¼ turn valve on each welding hood to open and close as required, and the fan speed will adjust automatically to match the demand.

We have used portable extract units previously, but decided a central LEV system would be a better investment to match the scale of our new production facility. The finished system from Beam is very impressive and it is clear we made the right decision for our business. The extract arms are an integral part of our welding bays and are easier to use covering the entire area. The engineering of the double boom and swivel arm give us the versatility to cover our diverse product fabrication ranging from large floor-standing pieces to intricate bench work. Compared to our experience with the portable extractors, the Beam LEV system does not take up any floor space and is less expensive to operate and maintain. Thanks to Beam for an excellent installation and for providing the follow-up training and induction manual.”

Photo of Jordan Walsh

Jordan Walsh
Site Supervisor, Alternative Heat

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